The Girls’ Yellow Gingham Easter Dress

Gingham patterns have been popular for young kid and toddlers since forever. The pattern just has the beautiful innocence that is closely associated with our girls. The Lace Princess has the perfect collection piece in a long dress that combines both the fairy tale layered ruffle element weigh the gingham pattern to create a dress that is just perfect for Easter celebrations. The sunshine yellow color and the lace element further makes it an ideal dress for many different events. You should consider this a must have for your little daughter’s wardrobe this Easter season to sub in for a variety of different holidays, get together and even picnics.

The design element of this dress relies heavily on the gingham pattern. The pattern dominates the dress design starting at the bodice and flowing down in layered ruffles down a very full skirt. The skirt has a medium flare to give a more structured look to the overall outfit.

The dress uses frothy lace to add to the sweetness of the gingham in a very delicate feminine texture. The lace is added to the end of the sleeves and the lace panels form the alternate ruffles on the skirt. The white frothy lace definitely adds a refreshing color contrast to the yellow monotone and carries forward the white color stripes from the gingham pattern. With its wide lash sash which tucks in the waist to give almost a fairy tale fitted gown quality to the dress.

Events where you can sub in the yellow gingham dress

You can sub in the outfit for your daughter for any day event for the winter holidays. It can be the perfect Easter dress and can be worn to church on Christmas morning. You can also use the dress as a flower girl outfit for her for any outdoor day wedding event. Supplement the flower girl image by putting in lots of yellow floral accessories with the outfit.

You can also add in a yellow headband or a big yellow rose band to add to the drama of the outfit. Make sure to tie all her hair up to give the cutest princess look with the dress. Want to carry forward the princess theme a bit more? Supplement the outfit with a small floral tiara or a crown and watch your baby girl turn in to a beautiful princess right in front of your eyes.

Maintenance and material

The Lace Princess has become synonymous with the use of only high quality materials with our dresses for every collection. The yellow gingham fess also uses high quality cotton blend as the base material. However, we also use lace panels in a variety of different patterns to supplement the dress design. The lace quality is also superior and quite delicate. You cannot wash the dress in a machine to avoid tearing out delicate lace in a cycle. Try to hand wash as much as possible. You should also drip dry the dress inside out and out of the direct sunlight to avoid fading out the vibrant colors.

The dress use high quality buttons, zipper closures and color matched threads for a professional finish to the design. The beauty of the dress is very much rooted in the final fitting. You have to be very careful when taking the measurements to ensure that you get back the perfect fitted gingham dress for your little angel this season.

Try dressing her up in beautiful Easter dresses, long dresses or even floral dresses this holiday season and capture all of the cuteness sin loads of very stunning photo-shoots at every new part event.