So February is as come and is almost gone, how can it happen so quickly?

Of course when you think of February you cant help but think of Valentines day. This year we were busy making Valentine day dresses and getting ready for our spring launch that it seemed we hardly had time to think about all the fun Valentine days parties! But our dresses went to so many young princess that really got to enjoy and make some memories that will be with them for years to come. Some the small things always stand out in our memories when looking back over our childhood and even a special dress can leave it’s mark on a young mind.

Here is a couple girls that really had fun getting together and sharing in a memory of wearing our Lace Princess matching dresses for Valentines day this year. Do you think they will remember this day? I can assure you that they will remember this day long after the dresses are wore and gone.

Don’t forget to make the moments memorable.