What can be said about the Alice In Wonderland Dress?

The fantasy novel of Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland is such a well know character that it is still poplar today even tho it was first created in 1865.

With Alice being bored and going out for an adventure, it reminds me of our own princess that gets bored and need something fun to do to add some fun and spice to their everyday life, especially for the little tom girl princess!! The Alice Dress is such an exciting dress for a young girl that it will chase boredom far from her as she runs around the house, across the lawn…and where did she get to? You will feel young again yourself going to find the fairy that just disappeared…Where could she be? BOO…You laugh and laugh together as she jumps out from behind the tree and scares you!! Time can sure fly by when you are having so much fun spending quality time with your young Alice In Wonderland girl.

How about having Tea all day at the Mad Hatters because the clock is stuck on Tea Time? Alice thought that was the stupidest tea party ever but how about you? Tea all day could almost be a welcome sound as we, who were once a small Alice girl, now all grown up with a ton of responsibilities and always rushing to beat the clock. Friend I encourage you to take a few minutes and invest it with your young girl while you have the time and while she still needs and wants you.

Here at the Lace Princess we know that at sometime in a little girls life it is their dream to have a Alice In Wonderland Apron and the Dress whether it is for a birthday party, everyday wear or for a special party or occasion. We have been offering the Alice Apron for some time now and it has been a real hit here selling tons of them with glowing reviews from our clients.

Each Alice Dress and Apron is meticulously handmade, taking great pride in making sure that all the seams are tight and even. We want you and your daughters Alice In Wonderland to be exceptionally good where you will cherish the fun you had together for the rest of your lives, being a memory not to be forgotten.

Make each day and exceptional day!!

The Lace Princess