Hi I’m Lynette,

The LACE PRINCESS had its start around 30 yrs ago when a 6 yr old little red-headed girlie would sneak into her mom’s sewing room and make doll clothes. I often heard sighs of exasperation from my mom when she would discover that the very piece of fabric she’d saved for a project was now added to my huge doll wardrobe. I’d often sit and daydream of one day making enough clothes to give to every single orphan in Africa. I also wanted all my other girlfriends to have pretty clothes too! Fast forward about 34 yrs….when I suddenly became a single mom and was faced with leaving my children in day care. Since both of my children are a direct answer to prayers I knew I’d do whatever it took to be the one who raised my “gifts from God”! And God brought back to mind my daydream of wanting every little girl to have a pretty dress. Now I was a mom and I also knew how hard it was to find modest clothing. And so the Lace Princess began! I now use my daydreaming to design modest clothing for little girls that also makes them feel elegant and beautiful. My desire is for every little girl to grow up knowing that she is beautiful, because God created her perfect! And also that she will remember that she represents her Creator, so she needs to dress in a way that draws attention to Him in a honoring way!

Elegantly Modest!!