Did you see the new 2019 color of the year?!

Living Coral.

Did you even know something like that existed? Ha! Yes, every year Pantone picks out the trendiest, most fashionable and universally suggested color and announces it as The Color of the Year.

Some years it’s beautiful. Some years it’s ok and other years it’s downright ugly!

This coral shade is actually kinda pretty I must say. A pink-orange blend that gets its name from marine life at the bottom of the sea. And seems to be fresh, invigorating and very feminine. I love how it can be paired with so many other colors. Like grays, blues, gold and silver shades.

This particular shade of coral would look especially good on ladies and girls with a warm skin tone and darker hair. Hmmmm not so sure I could be the one to pull this color off with the skin tones that would do it justice. But I know some beautiful friends who absolutely would look stunning in this new color!

We don’t use a lot of this color family in our dress collections, but we do have an especially elegant twirl dress that is a softer shade then coral. And of course all the coordinating colors to finish out matching sibling or family outfits for the day!

Now that you know Living Coral is the color of the year, be prepared to see it everywhere!